You have options when it comes to taking care of your skin and receiving medical aesthetic treatments. Shorebreak Concierge believes that those options should include an in-home model of care. It provides residents of Fort Myers, Estero, and Cape Coral, Florida, with top-quality aesthetic concierge services in a comfortable and familiar setting. Scheduling is also convenient by phone or through the online booking page.

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You may be familiar with the concierge model of service from travel experiences. Many top hotels and resorts employ a concierge to act as a specialized customer service representative.

The concierge ensures a smooth and pleasant experience, working with you to identify your needs and meet them as efficiently as possible.

In medical practice, concierge service is a highly individualized approach that seeks to deliver unparalleled care. It enables better access to practitioners, reduced wait times and scheduling issues, and a more customized experience.

With medical aesthetics, concierge care allows your practitioner to get to know you and your specific set of needs and goals. That allows them to create treatments that meet or exceed expectations, helping you look your very best.

What happens during concierge aesthetic appointments?

The primary benefit of the concierge model in place at Shorebreak Concierge is the ability to receive treatments from the comfort of your home or office. That means no time lost traveling to appointments or waiting for your practitioner to finish with other clients.

You relax in a familiar environment while receiving top-quality care. Best of all, advancements in medical aesthetic technology enable the same treatments available in an in-office setting to take place in any setting.

You can choose from injectable treatments like BotoxⓇ or dermal fillers, microneedling, PDO threads, and much more. You can even shop for skin care products from the Shorebreak Concierge medical-grade line of products.

Why choose concierge medical aesthetic services?

Convenience is the primary factor that motivates many people to select concierge services for their medical aesthetic needs. The ability to receive treatments at home or work at a time that fits your busy schedule makes it a great approach.

Others appreciate the chance to get the care they desire without exposure to a crowded waiting room or surfaces that many people have touched.

Finally, concierge medical aesthetics services allow you to discuss your specific needs and goals in an unrushed, face-to-face setting. Shorebreak Concierge chose to build its practice around this model of care from a desire to build and strengthen relationships with those in their care.

Privacy and discretion are also an essential part of the concierge model of practice. As Shorebreak Concierge says, “We’ll help you reach your goals…and keep your secret.”

If you’d like to try concierge medical aesthetic services for yourself, call Shorebreak Concierge today or schedule your visit online.